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A Message From Fr. Tom Nenneau

Welcome to St. Mary's home on the Internet. Here you will find the latest news and information about our parish family. Please take a moment to visit this site and learn more about the activities of our parish and school. 

Saint Mary Elementary School

News Update We have a new principal for our school. Please help me welcome Diane Martndale to our school family.

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to providing your child with a quality, faith-based education. We strive to balance academic excellence, religious instruction and athletic development, to provide for a well-rounded student with the necessary tools to survive in the modern world. Our educational program is professional, cost effective and aware of parental budgets.

We help children pre-k through 8 grade with specific subjects, study skills, essay planning and examination technique. Our teachers focus on the specific needs of your child and can instill both the ability and the desire to learn. We will show your child the importance of education and its relevance to his or her own future and encourage your child to take responsibility for his or her learning.You can visit our school online at

Our site is featuring articles from the Diocese of Lansing and from FAITH Magazine. Please enjoy your visit, make yourself at home, and come back often. We are adding more information all the time!

God Bless

Fr. Tom Nenneau

From the Bishop
One of the joys and challenges of our time is to use technology and innovation to spread the message of Jesus. With that in mind, the diocesan Web site began two years ago. We have recently completed an upgrading of that site. One of the benefits of that upgrade is ...
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Catholicism - What does Catholicism have to offer?
The Catholic family of faith offers belief in, and the experience of, the God of Abraham as personal; it finds God’s presence in all that is inter-personal, believing each incarnate soul is of God ...
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Joy and Spirituality: 4 things to be joyful about in the new millennium
Remember Jan. 1, 2000? Where were you? Praying, partying or worrying about Y2K? The coming of the third millennium was, and is, a great event. There were two things that clouded the beautiful celebration of the millennium and the beginning of the Jubliee Year. The first distraction was the ...
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